Our Approach

At Arashu Clothing Company (ACC) our work is guided by a set of six core principles.

  • 1.Speed to the market

    Our systems, processes, and people ensure that the products are delivered in minimum lead-time.
    This has been achieved through the following:

    • Building capacity and expertise in sample room leading to faster and accurate fit submissions.
    • Stream lining processes to shorten the lead time.
    • Extending partnership in accommodating design and merchandising changes.
    • Executing trend infusions.
  • 2.Product innovation and design

    We have built an advance design capability through an inhouse design studio and crafts centre managed by experienced employees.

    Every season,our design team analyses trends and makes specific collection for each customer.

    This supplements the customers in-house design efforts in bringing newness and the trend.

  • 3.Seamless flow

    For product to reach the stores in short lead time,merchandise has to flow seamlessly across the globe.

    Whether it is fabric,trims,after treatments, or logistical management, our ability to orchestrate supply chain management ensures that customers receive the merchandise on time.

  • 4.cost optimization

    • Driving competitive prices with vendor
    • Providing cost alternatives
  • 5.Technical support and quality

    The role of Arashu Clothing Co's., technical team extends beyond usual tech responsibility including creation of patter library, CAD management, and monitoring and training factory technical staff.

    Quality assurance through shop floor excellence including introduction and sustaining of SOP'S,cross-functional training, Auditor's certification and rigid application of AQL system.

    Provide online tracking of the order status and chat facility of the clients preferred timings

  • 6. HR & social compliance

    • Working collaboratively with customer's standards of engagement and monitoring guide lines.
    • Monitoring level of compliance at facilities.
    • Participation in remediation and verification process.
    • In our employees happiness lies our success and we make sure to ensure that.