Product Profile

  1. T.Shirts
  2. Executive Wear
  3. Sports Wear
  4. Vests & Brief
  5. Sweaters
  6. Baby Wear


T-Shirts: Arashu Clothing Co., offers a wide range of T-Shirts with unique color combination. It is extremely comfortable and easy to maintain. Every design is an outcome of R & D which is in-house and is supervised by a team of international technicians. RCG now deals with all kinds of textile such as 100% Cotton, 100% Mercerized, Poly Cotton Blended, Cotton/Rayon Blended, Linen/Cotton Blended, Spandex, Hydrotec, Polyester, Micro Fabric and premium knits such as Micro cross, waffles, Square structures, Interlock knit,etc.

Executive Wear

Executive Wear: It will be 100% cotton and Cotton Polyester blends. All the shirts are unwashed. The fabrics will be Plain, Striped, checks, Jacquards and prints. Design will change from season to season and is available in authentic, slim & muscle fits. The fabrics used may vary according to the season.


Sportswear: Arashu Clothing Co., established itself early on as a high-end, high-quality sportswear maker and grew into a very successful global brand.

Vest & Briefs

Vest & Briefs: Arashu Clothing Co., offers a variety of options in fashion and cut in intimate wears with a standard quality & comfort.


Sweaters: Our sweater pattern highlights various kinds of stitches, creating simple overall texture with unique quality & comfort.

Baby wear

Baby wear: We manufacture baby wears which includes high-performance soft and natural fabrics, cozy and comfortable fits ensure that each product matches international standards of quality.